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Testimonial for Massage

Testimonial for Healing

Testimonial for Distant Healing

I believe people come into your life for a reason and meeting Terumi was meant to happen. Not only is she a special person, she is a natural healer with a wonderful gift. After my healing session's with Terumi, I always have more energy and feel so positive. She has helped me both emotionally and physically move forward with confidence to the next chapter of my life, which I am really excited about. I will definitely recommend Terumi to friends, so they too can see how wonderful she is.

           Vanessa Marsden, Khandallah

If you are someone who is at the stage of thinking about or considering having a healing/energy session with Terumi then I would 100% recommend following through with it. This was new to me and has already been incredibly beneficial in so many ways. Having her come to my house was the best part as it enabled me to remain comfortable and completely myself. Her warm nature and manner made me feel like she was already a friend. She has had a positive impact on me and my family.

         Philippa Solomon, Whitby

I am finding my weekly massage invaluable for diffusing work stress and tension, and counteracting the negative effects of being at my desk and working on the computer all day. I look forward to your visits as I know I'll have a relaxing evening at home afterwards, and will sleep better as a result. It's a little oasis of time for self to say thanks to my body for putting up with me for driving it so hard all the time. It's great how each week you concentrate on any areas that are tight from fitness training or plain old bad posture and always manage to work out the kinks in just one session... this is really helping me stay injury and muscle-imbalance free, and how nice that I don't have to go anywhere afterwards. Thanks Terumi, you are a wonderful and very talented masseuse.

           Kathy,  Wellington

I travel around the country for sport and find it difficult to locate reliable trigger point therapists. I was very pleased when I came across Terumi as she is very intuitive and has the great ability of finding those tense trigger points that are so troublesome for me. Thus, she is my first choice therapist in Wellington. Terumi is professional, punctual and always make me feel comfortable when performing her work. I would highly recommend her for any massage services.

              Marise Stuart, Christchurch

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If I am feeling like I have a physical problem,or need a clearing or a boost,I contact Terumi and ask for a healing we set aside a time and I relax and Terumi uses her gift of healing through tuning in long distance on me, I feel her clearing my energy fields or physical symptoms away and always can guarantee to feel lighter afterwards,She has a marvellous gift working with others energies and often will pass on messages through email which are highly accurate of your physical mental or emotional bodies that you may want to or need to hear at this time to help with your life journey and path,

Once I wasn't resting during the healing and she asked whats the rush,why aren't you relaxing?I was peeling potatoes haha,and I never told her that I wasn't laying down!

    Rebecca, Hamilton

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