Terumi Isogai


Mob: 0211099965

Release, Recharge and Reset.

Restore your natural balance and enjoy the life in full!

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Healing energy

Spectrum Health using Universal Energy

You are more than your physical body in this planet Earth. Bring forward the parts that are Galactic and feel yourself become WHOLE again.

Spectrum Health using Universal Energy (SHUE) was developed by an American lady, Ti Mar, who communicated and channelled messages from a group of Star Beings. Their advanced healing techniques go beyond human limitation and expand our mental capacity. This modality has been further developed through Stephanie Albright.

It connect us with Cosmic Energy, which is clear and cleansing. It opens up your stellar memory bank and let you to be more and more who you really are.

You are not your physical body. You are a soul reside within. You are connected with Cosmo, and Galactic wisdom will come back when you are ready to accept.


Terumi is the most passionate and capable practitioner that I've met in 17+ years of working with therapists.
There is definitely energy moving through her hands and a profound sense of well being that is felt after seeing her.
I highly recommend her services.

~Stephanie Albright, Co-founder of Ancient Wisdom Massage School, Health Practitioner, Co-founder of S.H.U.E