Terumi Isogai


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Release, Recharge and Reset.

Restore your natural balance and enjoy the life in full!

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Healing energy

Your calibration work can be broadly divided into three stages.

Most often the case people would go through the first stage to move onto the next. However, as we know, we are all different and everyone is at different stage and progress in different speed. My session with you would be different from others and each session can be a mixture of any stages. It all depends on where you are and how open you are for change.

Stage 1: Release – Relax

This is where I work with your physical body to remove tightness and tensions, and let you taste true relaxation. Your body holds onto stress that has not given attention to and addressed to, and that appears as body aches and tensions. By loosening up your body, you feel lighter and you feel you have more space in your mind. It leads to the feeling of calm and peace. Relaxed body allow the mind to relax, and vice versa. Release can be also achieved through energy work instead of physical therapy.

Stage 2: Recharge

Once you release your tension and feeling relaxed, you can start to generate your own energy and recharge your own battery. You will feel energised just by allowing your own energy to circulate! Through energy work, your energy will flow smoother and flow better, hence creating a circle of flow. (Human torus. See the picture)

You will feel vitality and sparkles in life and keep yourself balanced better. You can deal with challenging life situations with ease and grace. When you have your torus (energy circle) fully functioning, your life becomes so much easier and peaceful. And you will be able to connect to much bigger universal energy system to expand you even further.

Stage 3: Reset – Reboot

This is where real fun begins! This is for those who are open and willing, ready to step into unknown. I will hold the space for you to explore what’s beyond and tap into unlimited/infinite potential. Just like a computer, we can go back to our original setting – our sovereign self – our original blueprint by rebooting our system. Removing attachments we have accumulated throughout our lives, we go back to our bare bone, our authentic SELF.  Unlearning what we think we already know. Who is willing to take a plunge?

My main focus for you is to empower YOU. I can hold the space for you to feel who you truly are and let you connect to your own healing power. You have the power to do anything you wish!

I also offer distant healing sessions. Please enquire.