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Healing energy

Testimonial for Massage service

I have been receiving weekly treatments from Terumi for almost a year now. In this time she has helped to relieve all my neck, shoulder and most of my lower back pain which was causing me headaches. Terumi also through deep tissue massage pick up on a long term problem i have with my bladder and is helping to treat this as well through massage therapy. The treatments have made me a lot more patient and active in my job because i am not in pain. I love the fact that Terumi comes to me which makes the whole experience that much better. I highly recommend Terumi to anybody wanting pain management, relaxation, and stress relief. She has magic hands.

            Sarah Marshall, Johnsonville

I thoroughly recommend Terumi as a healer and massage therapist. She certainly has the magic touch knowing intuitively what parts of the body need healing and doing exactly what needs to be done. Terumi almost seems to establish telepathic communication with her client's bodies. She is gifted at passing on short but pertinent and helpful messages to her clients. As an energy healer, Terumi, is in a class all of her own and I would recommend her services to anyone experiencing physical discomfort, ill health or dis ease.

          Chris Wilson, Khandallah

My partner and I are both martial artists and fitness enthusiasts. As such, our bodies are subject to an enormous amount of physical stress. Terumi treats us with regular massage and provides valuable advice that allows our muscles to recover quickly, keeping us limber and in peak condition. Thanks Terumi!

          Kelly Tuapawa, Tawa

I have been to many different massage therapists in many different countries around the world. Terumi has an instinct that seems to know how to heal. She is very good at her job! Both my husband and I are very happy that we have found such a qualified therapist- VERY good value for money!

          Kathleen Sandberg, Khandallah

Working with Terumi has been such a wonderful gift. After a session with Terumi I find my energy restored and my perspective on life altered for the better. She has given me relief from both physical and emotional stress and life is so much better for knowing and working with her. I have recommended Terumi to friends and they have all had similar positive experiences.

              Niki van Paassen, Churton Park

Terumi has been so helpful with myself, and my wife.  My wife has been suffering severe back pain due to breastfeeding, Terumi was able to asses what my wife needed and provide some extremely helpful relief! She is very insightful, gently and has a caring approach to her work, which made us feel looked after and cared for.  I have been suffering from lower back for a long time, which Terumi was able to relieve for me. I have already recommended Terumi to my friends and family.  I highly recommend her. Thanks so much!

             Dan Green, Miramar

Terumi's energy is truly therapuetic and healing. She intuitively knows what the body needs. She find's "the spot/s" and knots - knots I didn't even realize I had and works to release each one. A session can be intense yet gentle and healing. It's a joy to welcome Terumi's lovely presence into my home every time!

        Cathy Brayshaw,  Newtown

Terumi has helped me in a way that doctors, physiotherapists and traditional massage therapists couldn't. She helped me to get rid of my pain and I will be forever grateful to her!! Even having her in our house calmed me down and made me think about my life differently. I urge you to open your mind and body to Healing Energy and experience a better life.     

           Camille Guzzwell, Ngaio

What a great treat for you or a friend - I’m completely sold!! A professional massage without having to leave the house. I’m now booking in for regular massages, and am giving gift vouchers to my friends so they can enjoy the experience as well.

            Sharon McKenzie, Johnsonville

Terumi is firstly a very kind lady who makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Terumi for massage and reiki. She cares about her clients too and their well being.

        Karan, Aotea

Terumi massages both my husband and me. We love that she focuses on whatever our individual needs are. And we love the energy she radiates. We are happy to be regulars and are both looking forward to our next massages.

            Helen Wise-Hosie, Raumati

Terumi offers a fabulous service by coming to my home to provide massage and healing. Terumi is very professional and was quickly able to make an assessment of our individual needs and as well as contributing her healing, make suggestions as to how we can help ourselves.

            Leonie & Richard Mack, Wadeston

Terumi's native kindness and warmth bring a lovely healing calm to her work. She has been treating me for about three weeks now, and I can tell that she really knows what she is doing! With the massage skills comes an awareness of the patient; she really listens and this enables her to know where the stress is and how to undo it. I work in a high-stress environment and had aggravated this with a sports injury. Her massages have brought great amount of relief and have set me on the road to recovery. Thanks Terumi!

            Anita T.  Broadmeadow

Fantastic find we will definitely be regular clients! Thanks Terumi

               D, Churton Park

Excellent, really great massage that targetted where I was sore.

       Jo-Anne Harris, Johnsonville

I am finding my weekly massage invaluable for diffusing work stress and tension, and counteracting the negative effects of being at my desk and working on the computer all day. I look forward to your visits as I know I'll have a relaxing evening at home afterwards, and will sleep better as a result. It's a little oasis of time for self to say thanks to my body for putting up with me for driving it so hard all the time. It's great how each week you concentrate on any areas that are tight from fitness training or plain old bad posture and always manage to work out the kinks in just one session... this is really helping me stay injury and muscle-imbalance free, and how nice that I don't have to go anywhere afterwards. Thanks Terumi, you are a wonderful and very talented masseuse.

           Kathy,  Wellington

I travel around the country for sport and find it difficult to locate reliable trigger point therapists. I was very pleased when I came across Terumi as she is very intuitive and has the great ability of finding those tense trigger points that are so troublesome for me. Thus, she is my first choice therapist in Wellington. Terumi is professional, punctual and always make me feel comfortable when performing her work. I would highly recommend her for any massage services.

              Marise Stuart, Christchurch