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Healing energy

Testimonial for Healing service

I have been suffering chronic headaches for over 4 months and nothing seemed to work, until I started Reiki Energy therapy with Terumi. It has helped with my pain, and I feel very relaxed after each session. I highly recommend her.

         David Hak, Woodridge

Terumi provided different layers or levels of spiritual connections to take place. Its as if she was a channel for the soul to travel through to get back home for a much needed restoration / recharge / insight etc. The first 2 sessions were an opening-up of my inner energy channels and she clearly shifted blocks - I physically felt this during and immediately after the session. As I was only at a surface level understanding of spirituality at that time - this was reflected in what she helped to take place. ( I needed to do some more work myself before shecould take me deeper ) and I feel that she intuitively knew this too. So yes this is Healing in every sense as I needed to rebalance and heal myself in order to go further.

The second 2 sessions were the big ones! Because the connection for me to the spiritual realm had already been made through her in the previous sessions- and I was now ready I immediately found myself in what can only be described as another parallel dimension where I accessed what I needed to - messages where clearly given to me and opportunities for me to communicate were available - once again enabling great healing but also INSIGHT!!!!

      Pip, Whitby

Terumi is wonderful. During her session, I could physically feel the energy shifting. She also shared a vision which gave me so much clarity. She helped me release unnecessary attachments and I now feel confident, independent and excited for the year ahead! I am laughing with people again and able to show them the real me. Thank you Terumi for your loving support and for taking the time to listen to my stories even after the healing was over. You are a gifted healer. Keep up the great work!

    Heidi, Northland

I have not had a Reiki treatment for a long time and I found my Reiki treatment with Terumi incredibly relaxing and healing. Terumi's calm and intuitive healing energy resulted in a unique experience for me. Receiving the treatment at home had added advantages and I look forward to receiving Reiki regularly.

         Cheryl Gibbs, Churton Park

Thank you so much Terumi for your healing that I have been receiving!! I always feel more grounded and relaxed after your healing and appreciate your communicating after the healing about what you found and your advice! Very professional ,gifted lady am very grateful for your help. Thank you so much, am noticing a difference! I recommend Terumi to any one wanting a massage or reiki energy healing :)

            Bex Conning, Hamilton

So very grateful and impressed with your service.  Not only does your healing work wonders but your caring an follow up support is amazing.  Our baby is much more settled an I can’t thank you enough. I recommend anyone thinking about healing definitely see you.  Thank you an will see you again.

         K. Fawler, Lower Hutt

I would like to recommend Terumi and her Healing Energy to anyone who feels is time to change! to shift our energy towards our own self. After Terumi's session I feel a gentler and cleaner insight in the way I approach my day to day life and my relationships with others. It helps me to in the now accepting the flow of life. Love it :)

             Maria Jorio, Wellington

If I am feeling like I have a physical problem,or need a clearing or a boost,I contact Terumi and ask for a healing we set aside a time and I relax and Terumi uses her gift of healing through tuning in long distance on me, I feel her clearing my energy fields or physical symptoms away and always can guarantee to feel lighter afterwards,She has a marvellous gift working with others energies and often will pass on messages through email which are highly accurate of your physical mental or emotional bodies that you may want to or need to hear at this time to help with your life journey and path,

Once I wasn't resting during the healing and she asked whats the rush,why aren't you relaxing?I was peeling potatoes haha,and I never told her that I wasn't laying down!

            Rebecca, Hamilton

The reiki session has really helped me. The first couple of days I was super tired and needed lots of rest and sleep but by Thursday I was feeling better than I have felt in weeks. I feel happier, less sensitive and relaxed. It's pretty awesome to feel like this after weeks of feeling so out of balance! I look forward to another session in the future. Thank you so much.

                     Hannah, Churton Park

Terumi is amazing - she has the incredible ability to not only give an incredibly relaxing massage which soothes aching muscles; but also heals the body, soul and mind, providing what they need. Once it felt as though my mind had a clearer vision of what I needed and what changes I need to make. Another time my body felt energised and lighter. I was struggling with insomnia and "switching off" and I fell into a deep sleep on the couch. I love how Terumi tells me where the issues are and what she's sensing intuitively at the end of her session. She suggested I go to see my chiropractor about my neck and she was right! All this in the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend her. I don't know how she does it but I suggest you keep your mind open to her healing energy and help.

        Anita, Wellington