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Healing energy

Testimonial for Distant Healing service

Terumi’s distant healing sessions have been a great help to me, particularly in clearing “stuck” energy (and their associated emotions and beliefs). My experience of Terumi’s energy work is that while very subtle, it acts as a powerful catalyst - helping to accelerate my own personal healing process. During sessions, I feel tingling and sensations of energy moving through, and leaving my body. At the end of these sessions, I have a deep sense of peace, I feel grounded and connected with the Earth. For about a week afterwards, I experience ongoing clearing and increasing well-being as the energies and issues ‘work their way through’. Terumi is a very good listener and in my experience, she perceives so much more than what is simply being said - this is what, I feel, makes her a very gifted healer.

              Tanya, Hamilton

I have had arthritis type symptoms in my fingers for three years. Chronic pain in the finger joints and swelling - these symptoms  come and go. I have been receiving distant healing from Terumi for a little while now and what I found with the first healing was that there was a great deal of unblocking going on, I felt my arm unblocking.  The next session was about unblocking too - delving into the 'core emotions' or issues that return to me again and again. My body worked deeply on this 'stuff' - it was not pleasant but I came out of it lighter and at peace. My last session involved draining of  pain from my shoulder joints to through my finger tips. I noticed after this session I began to get feeling back in my fingers - they have felt wooden and dead for three years.  Terumi's distant healing has given me the space to do this focused work with my body, to get in touch with it in a sacred space.  To provide this safe space to do so deep work with myself.

              Denise , Awanui

I have had a few healings via distance with Terumi over the last month. Have found them to be amazing and each time I feel better and better Terumi is an awesome lady with a wonderful gift . After the healing Terumi communicates what to expect at your first session and what she found during the healings , I felt relaxed ,more grounded ,and could feel the areas that Terumi was working. Terumi is always uplifting and helpful ,I also feel more confident from these healings. I recommend Terumi to anyone wanting spiritual healing ,a real gift and a genuine lovely lady! Thank you so much Terumi I really appreciate it !

                 Bex, Hamilton

After being kept awake all night by a very sore ear I contacted Terumi and asked her to do some distance healing on me. It worked! My ear is back to normal, no longer aching or even tender! An added bonus is that the bad cold I also have has improved and soreness I have had around my neck has disappeared. I was considering a visit to the doctor and a prescription of antibiotics but thanks to Terumi this is no longer necessary. I am looking forward to a restful night’s sleep tonight. I am thrilled with the results of Terumi’s healing and would thoroughly recommend her distance healing to anyone.

              Chris, Wellington

So far, I have had two distant healing sessions with Terumi. They have been amazing! She is so wonderful and intuitive. I chose something to focus on for each one and then all I needed to do was relax and connect. It was really great to feel so peaceful and grounded. I could also feel the energy shifting. I really appreciate the time she has taken to connect and also to email me afterwards with information. It was very insightful and just what I needed to hear at the time. I highly recommend taking the time to book in and connect to Terumi and your higher self. Thank you Terumi.

     Ruth, New Plymouth