Terumi Isogai


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Release, Recharge and Reset.

Restore your natural balance and enjoy the life in full!

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Healing energy

Benefit of Healing

Each Healing session is unique and your own experience will be unique to your own.

In general, this is what you might experience from a Healing session with Terumi.......


• Feel much lighter, relaxed and more energized.

• Feeling more balanced and happy.

• Feel more positive.

• Bring more clarity into our lives.

• Unblock any emotional/enegetic blockage, which may bring out emotional /physical release.

• Physical symptoms will reduce and the body starts self-healing process.

• Terumi passes on any messages she receives through the body. Very helpful and cryptic messages.

• Terumi intuitively knows where the energy is blocked and works with these and loosen them.

• Bring up “awareness” to our bodies and energies. Subconscious becomes conscious, and encourage us to be in-tune with our soul.

• Healing energy works as a catalyst for indivisuals to awaken their inner strength, wisdom and soul callings.


If you are a healer and work with others and are sensitive to other’s energies regular body works ( massages and energy healing ) is essential. We need to look after ourselves to be able to look after others! When we are in tune with ourselves, we can offer more to others.