Terumi Isogai


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Release, Recharge and Reset.

Restore your natural balance and enjoy the life in full!

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Healing energy

About Terumi

As long as I can remember. I have always had a fascination with unknown and mysterious spiritual world, questioning there is more to the life than what we can see.

My grandmother took us to see an energy healer regularly. We were very sure that the power of his energy protected us all the time. I was fascinated by what he did and wanted to be like him. I experienced unseen force of energy healing and wanted to share the experience with others. I knew I am to become a healer from the young age. I was a curious child - curious for unseen world of Spirit and Energy. I still am a curious child, searching for more information and hidden wisdom.

My role as a therapist to create and hold the space and energy where individuals can access their own self-healing abilities. My intuitive massage and healing plant a seed of ‘awareness’ in your body and mind, letting your body listen to what is going on – whether  it is physical, mental, emotional or/and spiritual. With the awareness, subconscious becomes conscious, and body starts the process of self-healing.  

I strongly believes that human touch and exchange of energies can create a healing response and bring the balance back to one’s whole system. I believe that everyone of us have the ability to heal ourselves and finding answers from within. We are all born healthy and we know how to get back to the healthy state. Sometime, we get lost and forget about how to bring ourselves back into the balanced, healthy state. My role is to help activate this self-healing ability in us.

I get great satisfaction by seeing people happy and free from pain and discomfort. This work is my passion and I intend to keep pursuing. Recently I have been working with ladies who cannot move or speak. And seeing them responding positively to healing and so relaxed during the session makes me so happy! Change in their state of being confirms me that energy healing works beyond words and anyone can benefit from it.


Everyday brings new discoveries. Excitement is felt every single day.