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Terumi Isogai


Mob: 0211099965

Release, Refresh and Reset.

Restore your natural balance and enjoy the life in full!

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Healing energy

Be open to infinite possibilities and your body-mind will feel

the result you seek.

There is no limit for what you can achieve!

Empower you to find your own inner healing ability.

Terumi works intuitively. What is delivered in a session is what is needed for you at the time.  She uses a mixture of techniques depending on what’s needed in a session. Relaxation/therapeutic oil massage, deep tissue massage, positional release, reflexology and energy /spiritual healing.

She triggers your own healing power, and brings back you to the perfection you are born with.

Allow you to feel empowered and be in control of your body and life! There is no need to feel pain and discomfort. You can create your own healing.

Enjoy a massage / healing in the comfort of your own space.

Mobile service in and around Wellington Region.

We live in such a busy life and we forget to look after ourselves. How often do you really relax - completely relax mind and body? Do you recognise stress signal? Relaxation is not a treat, it is an essential part of our life to maintain overall health.

Main purpose for my service is to provide you a complete relaxation - physically, mentally and energetically. I create a space and time for you to let go of stress, unwind and clear your mind. If you have pain and discomfort with your body, I can release them through therapeutic massage. If you have busy brain that does not want to shut up, I can give you quiet time and soothing energy so you can slow down you busy mind and feel peaceful. If you have anything you want to talk about, I can be a good listening ear and offer intuitive guidance if feels right. A session can be any mix of those depending on your situation. With a complete relaxation comes healing on all levels.

My job is not to fix you. My job is to hold the space so you can recover, recharge and reset yourself on your own term.

Best of all, you can have this without leaving your own home! I come to you! For most of us, our home is our sanctuary and where we feel most comfortable. Having a session at your own space creates even more relaxation.

My clients tell me that they feel peaceful after their sessions. Their mind is clearer and heaviness is lifted. Both body and mind feel relaxed and refreshed.

Why don’t you try it yourself and see how good you feel!