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Terumi Isogai


Mob: 0211099965

Healing energy

Calibration and Regeneration - a total harmony of Body-Mind-Emotions.

Empower you to find your own inner healing ability.

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Be open to infinite possibilities and your body-mind will feel

the result you seek.

There is no limit for what you can achieve!

Terumi works intuitively. What is delivered in a session is what is needed for you at the time.  She uses a mixture of techniques depending on what’s needed in a session. Relaxation/therapeutic oil massage, deep tissue massage, positional release, reflexology and energy /spiritual healing.

She triggers your own healing power, and brings back you to the perfection you are born with.

Allow you to feel empowered and be in control of your body and life! There is no need to feel pain and discomfort. You can create your own healing.

Enjoy a massage / healing in the comfort of your own space.

Mobile service in and around Wellington Region.

We create so much stress in our body and mind because our everyday lives are too busy . We tend to ignore  the body’s cry for help till it gets too much and start causing pains and discomfort. We all need a time to relax the body and give space in our mind, so that we can listen to what the body’s saying. When the body is relaxed, it responds to healing. Relaxed body allows healing to take place. Massage and energy healing are a great way for relaxation. Just lie there and let your body and mind totally relax! It will greatly benefit your mental and physical health.

Clients like the idea of me coming to their house. They are more relaxed in the familiar environment. There is no need to worry about how to get to a clinic, find a car park, travelling home, embarrassing pillow face and shiny body! I will bring the necessary items for a massage, All you need to do is relax , put on your favourite music or silence, and enjoy! You can simply have a bath, lie down, or go to bed afterwards.